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DIY pixhawk compatible with ardusub?

A pixhawk board being quite expensive, I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. Is it realistic to do a DIY pixhawk? Couldn’t a Raspberry with the required unboard sensors do the same job? Then I think that it may be difficult to interface it with ardusub, but does anyone has heard about a similar project?
Well, I am not even sure that this would end in a significantly cheaper solution :thinking:, but I was just wondering…

There’s a Raspberry Pi hat that works the way you are thinking, but it isn’t necessarily cheaper: Navio 2

We are unaware of anyone who has ArduSub working successfully on that hat.

Thanks for the answer! I see on the link about Navio 2 that it is supported by ardupilot. Doesn’t it mean that ardusub support it also?

The Manufacturer for the Navio2 claims it does, but we haven’t tested it ourselves, so there is some risk as we can’t vouch for it.

This is the list of autopilot hardware that we have personally tested: Supported Hardware.

Ok, thank you very much for the information!