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All lights works after power on and off 3 times?

I have a problem with my lights on bluerov 2, i need to power on and off 3 times before all the lights should work. (see picture)
This happened after i updated to QGC 4.1.2, Companion 0.0.26 and ArduSub 4.0.3

Some update
Looks like it not the update (software) but something with Cobalt Connectors.

When I start up bluerov2 and there is no light,i can disconnect Cobalt Connectors and reconnect again then the all lights is working. (when still bluerov2 is on)

Very strange,what could be wrong?

Hi @an-ron, are you building a custom QGC? The latest recommended version by Blue Robotics is 4.0.5 unless you’re building it yourself, because 4.1.x isn’t fully supported or tested yet with ArduSub. 4.0.5 can be downloaded from the software setup page if you want it.

In saying that, I don’t believe that should be related to the problem with your lights. How are your lights connected? From your last picture (nice wiring by the way!) it looks like you have two pairs of daisy-chained lights, in which case I’m very confused as to how one of each side can be on without the other (your first picture). You may need to check your cables, and possibly open up the lumens to check for water ingress or corrosion.

Do you have individual control over each light? If you have one signal connector pin per light then this would make sense if the pins aren’t consistently making good electrical contact with the connector they’re mating to, and that contact gets restored when you re-connect the connector(s).

Hello Eliot

I use QGC 4.0.6,Companion 0.0.26 and ArduSub 4.0.3

There’s nothing wrong with the lights,if i connect the yellow signal wire to + all the lights is come on always.

The lights are connected together,sow only one yellow signal wire to pixhawk.
(i will try a new signal wire to see if the old one is damaged)

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Ok, that’s a 4-light daisy-chain, so any software issues would apply to all of the lights, not just some of them, which means it has to be a hardware or connection issue.

There’s still a minor possibility there could be an issue with some of the lights, if they don’t interpret the PWM signals correctly, but this seems not to be the case from your earlier comments of being able to unplug them and plug them in again and have them work as expected, so most likely this is an issue with one or more of the connections not contacting correctly.

You mentioned you can re-connect at the cobalt connectors and it fixes the issue, so my guess would be that that’s where the issue is. Possibly the contacts in the connectors are bent, corroded, or worn down, so they only work correctly sometimes, depending on how they’re sitting. It might be worth trying to lightly wiggle the connector once it’s connected to see if the lights flicker or turn off.

I have now replace the old signal wire with a new one and everything works now :smiley:

The cord must have been broken when I changed to Cobalt Connectors.

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Glad to hear you’ve managed to sort it out :slight_smile: