Added a strobe light for night dives

this is something I needed to add for night dives. The strobe draws very little power and is operated from the BlueRobotics switch. Came out great and I’ll try it this week, I’ll post a video of it.
You can check the finished mod here: Strobe added for night operations. - YouTube




Looks good Heinz. Nice work.:grin:

Nice! I’d like to add this to my ROV also. Where’d you get the strobe?

EDIT: Found one that might work:

try this:


You need one that is solid state and much smaller like the one Heinz has linked to.

@tciii - Good point. I try to avoid buying from overseas so here’s something smaller that ships from Florida:

Incidentally in case anyone is wondering about using different colored strobes: at sea certain colors have specific meanings: red and green are used for navigation buoys and blue is for law enforcment, so you will want to avoid those colors. White is probably the preferred color, although it could be mistaken for the strobe on a lifejacket if used in the middle of a navigable waterway. All the strobes we used on oceanographic gear have been white.

@force10windsurf - Very cool! This will be nice to have. I love diving the ROV at night - the main lights will make the water glow, even when you’re 10 or 20 meters deep.

I’m curious to see how the flashing affects the camera view, if at all.


I checked the front of the camera while running QCG to see if the light would make it all the way up there and there was no signs of the light up front. I’ll do a test dive this week and see what affects if any it has on the onboard cameras.

I’ll let you guy know.


I am also trialing 1 or 2 strobe(s), See the video. I plan to have this able to be switched on and off at the ground controller.

I got the strobes HERE

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