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About the interaction between QGC and Underwater GPS

Hi all,

QGC shows incorrect position and the map inside the screen goes on blinking while the Underwater GPS’s web GUI show correct position in the map (Use “static position” setting in the Underwater GPS in this case).
Please see the captured screen video below:

And we found that the map stops blinking and show correct position (once setup in the setting page)soon after disconnecting QGC from the Underwater GPS (or showdown GPS).

QGC: v3.2.4 rev6
Underwater GPS: 1.4.0
ROV: all latest (companion and pixhawk)
PC: Windows10

Does anyone have the same issue?

This is a result of the GPS position reported by the UWGPS jumping while configuring the static position. The filter on the autopilot does not like the sudden change.

The solution is to boot/reboot the ROV after you have selected the correct static position.

Hi, sorry for late reply!

Could you get me more detail about the above?

And we tested boot/reboot the ROV after selecting the static position in the UWGPS WebGUI but nothing has changed (keep jumping). This is reproducible.

I am having the same issue. Following the start-up procedure as soon as you turn on the UWGPS driver the map jumps and eventually causes system crash when using offline maps. When connected to high speed wireless it will eventually catch up and the system will run. However, when working offline the system will not operate.

Ok @hub and @Ben595 , Is it possible for you to contact support@bluerobotics.com and arrange a remote meeting to demonstrate and troubleshoot the issue?

@jwalser thanks for the arrangement. I will contact the support team soon.