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4 Wheel Crawler w/Rasp/Fathom X Boards for critique

(Scott Prince) #1

I’m afraid I’m not very good at this but this is what I “think” I need to do to get my crawler running. Any CC would be appreciated. TIA!

(TCIII) #2

What ArduSub thruster configuration do you plan to use on the Pixhawk?

(Jacob) #3

@droneguy You need the 12V battery connected to the power supply of the Fathom X on the vehicle. The topside Fathom X can be powered by USB. If you don’t plan on having the 12V supply inside the vehicle, then there are a number of other concerns to deal with.

As far as I know, ArduRover does not support Joystick control in QGC.


(Scott Prince) #4

This is what I’m using it on. Basic 4 motors on the crawler

(Scott Prince) #5

I plan on using an Xbox 360 controller if that’s what you are referring to, not the radio in the image

(Scott Prince) #6

I don’t necessarily have to use an external power supply so an on orboard battery would be fine too if it makes things easier.

Just that after all these years of charging batteries I thought it would be more convenient and less hassle

(Jacob) #7

APM Rover does not support a joystick. You could use an RC radio for control, and the tether for telemetry/video. I think the PX4 Rover firmware might support joystick, but I know very little about the PX4 stack.


(Jacob) #8

Actually, if you use Mission Planner, I think you might be able to use a joystick with APM Rover.

(Scott Prince) #9

Greetings Jacob. Ok a bit more confused now. I can’t use a xbox 360 or logitech controller with the advanced electronics package? Isn’t that how the rover is controlled?


(Jacob) #10

It isn’t a matter of using the advanced electronics package, it is a matter of the Pixhawk firmware and GCS used. QGC sends MANUAL_CONTROL messages to let the Pixhawk firmware know what the joystick inputs are. APM Rover firmware does not support this message. We added support for this message in APM Sub.

I think Mission Planner sends RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE messages to convey the joystick inputs, which APM Rover does support.

I also think that PX4 Rover firmware (different code than APM project, but also designed to run on the Pixhawk) supports MANUAL_CONTROL messages.

You could check the ardupilot forums to see if anyone has used Rover firmware with joystick control through the GCS instead of with a RC radio transmitter.

(Scott Prince) #11

ok, so which software am i currently using or downloaded the other day when you were helping me, sorry for the questions just trying to wrap my head around all of this

(Jacob) #12

You are using QGroundControl GCS software, and ArduSub firmware on the Pixhawk. ArduSub is made for submarine vehicles, and won’t work on your vehicle. You need to switch to a different firmware for your Pixhawk that is designed for wheeled vehicles.

You should:
A) Use APM Rover aka ArduRover, and switch to Mission Planner for your GCS. You will need to verify that Mission Planner can control the rover with a joystick.
B) Use PX4 Rover with QGC. You will need to verify that QGC can control the rover with a joystick.

(Scott Prince) #13

Ah ok, thanks, and thanks for taking the time to explain

(Scott Prince) #14

cut myself off , so I can still use the advanced electronics package and the pixhawk to control my car, I just need to use different firmware.

(Jacob) #15

Yes. I highly suggest posting about your project on the ardupilot rover forum and asking for help or suggestions from people who have attempted the same thing in the past. The big thing to mention there would be that you want to control the vehicle through the telemetry connection rather than with an RC transmitter (the normal use case).

(Scott Prince) #16

I will and thanks again for all of your assistance!

(Xrayxie) #17

Hi friends, Who can tell me about the product model of BlueROV2 & Advanced ROV Electronics Package & Fathom ROV Tether &Lumen Subsea Light(Pre-Connected Sets)?Net weight per.Thank you very much!

(TCIII) #18

You can find out all you need to know about the Blue Robotics products on the Blue Robotics Store website:
Fathom ROV Tether
Lumen Subsea Light

I believe that the Lumen Subsea Lights only come pre-connected in the BlueROV2 package otherwise you have to make up your own wire harness.