3D printed penetrator tool

Hi all

I tried my first epoxying of one penetrator for a thruster, it went well, but I was a bit tired of the wire not being centered and straight. Also the need to keep the wire fixed for the curing annoyed me. So I came up with this tool for making two penetrators at a time.

Short you instant glue the wire ot the penetrator. Then you mount the penetrator in the tool tighten the nut and fixes the wires trough the two openings in the top with clamps. Now the wire is allmost straight, and you can inject the epoxy into the penetrator. The protution below is to mount it in a vice.
When the epoxy is cured, you can turn the penetrator the other way, again the wires are fixed in the two openings at the top, and epoxy can be injected.

I have printed it on a Ultimaker 2+ in ABS. If anybody want the .STL file you can send me PM. If Blue Robotics permits, I can attach the .stl here as well.
Hope you can use it

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Cool @Holtz_dk thanks

Hi @Holtz_dk - that’s awesome! Are you able to attach the STL file here? If not, I can try to enable that or you can post it on GrabCAD or Thingiverse and provide a link. I think this is a really useful tool.

Fantastic…I would very much like to have the .STL file as well. Thx.

Good you like i. I have tried to upload it here, hope it works
Porting_tool.stl (527.2 KB)

@Holtz_dk, would you be willing to post a .STP file for this part so that the model geometry could be tweaked a bit as needed? Thanks for sharing your work!

I cant give you a .STP, I have made it in google Sketchup the free version, but I will upload the .skb to Thingivers and post a link, then you can see what you can use. Sorry


This is a really good idea.