Easy way of tightening and loosening penetrators

Hi Folks,

Wondering if anybody knows a suitable tool (or an easy method) of tightening and loosening the nuts on the inside of the End cap when changing bulkheads/penetrators?

Assumed normal method:
I know I can disassemble the electronics tray, and get a bulkhead wrench in there. But it ends up being quite awkward, puts strain on the motor wires and risks them coming loose from the screw terminals.

The method I have been using:
As the Bluerobotics nuts have a gap in them for getting the nut over the wires, I’ve been jamming a flathead screwdriver into the gap in the nut, and turning until the screwdriver reacts against the other penetrators/nuts.

My method is quite quick and works, but I’m wondering if there’s a better tool, or what method others are using?
Maybe somebody has found a spanner like wrench works well for them or some sort of long nosed adjustable wrench?

I rotated the two sections 45 degrees so the end cap can be disconnected.
Because I use the longest tube I had to make longer spacers. This is because I mounted my battery in the main tube.
My new frame pieces are made from 1/8" unclad PCB material. I use the same notched construction but my front section does not fall apart when I undo the four screws to remove the end cap assembly. I use triple 30 or 60 amp connectors to disconnect the ESCs, and double connectors for other wires such as the 90 amp one seen on the battery, which is also used for charging…
These come in triple flat versions as well which fit through slots easier.

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The 45 degree idea definitely seems like a a good change to make.
I’ll see if it will work for us.

If anybody else has any suggestions of tools or processes to loosen/tighten bulkheads/penetrators, I’m all ears.