Who needs a battery in Europe?

Looks like both the European distributes are sold out of the blue robotics batteries. Does anyone know if Nido Robotics is restocking?

Who else needs a battery (or two)? If there’s enough of us we might be able to pool funds together for a shipment.

I just received a battery from Hi do, took maybe 3 weeks to arrive in Weymouth but looks ok. Haven’t tested it yet

Sorry Nido

HI, we stock usually both the Litihum and the LiPo.

As of today we have like everyone issues getting the LiPo.

If anyone needs the Lithium in Europe you are welcome to check them out (in stock):


Marine Distribution & Consulting ( Blue Robotics Distributor in France)

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the link.

Do you know if these are revision 1 or 2?

Hi Carl,

I currently have batteries in stock !
These are exact clones of the BR ones ( rev 1 ) but manufactured in France, with the agreement of Rusty. ( we searched a way to solve the transport cost problem ! )

You can find them on the store : Batterie LiIon 4S 18Ah - Syera

Price include VAT AND transport cost for France.
At this time, i only send batteries to metropolitan France because of transport problem, but i’m searching a reasonably priced solution for other European countries.

Luc, THE French distributor of Blue Robotics ! :sunglasses:

Thanks Luc,

I’ve just moved to Europe and it’s good to know who the distributors are.