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Batteries Help Needed!

Hi All, I have a one day need for 2 of the lithium-ion batteries in the Chicago, IL area. I’ve got an ROV flying in to help a family with a missing loved one, but the batteries we bought and shipped now won’t arrive until the evening of the 3rd due to issues with Fedex. The problem is that our search operation is scheduled for the day of the 3rd and we’ve already secured all of the other arrangements. If there is anyone with a set of batteries that would be willing to rent them to us you will be saving our butts and potentially making a world of difference to a struggling family. I am happy to pickup within a few hours drive of Chicago and return asap.


Hi @Seth,

One of our distributors, Seaview Systems (@gcelec ), is located not too far in Dexter, Michigan. They may be able to help.


Hi Seth,
I have some batteries I can loan you. You can call our office on 734 426 8978. We’re 4 hours from Chicago. If we ship UPS ground, you should get them by Friday.

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@Seth How did the search operation go? Were you successful?

Hi. We were able to complete some detailed imaging of our target area, but we’re not yet sure what we may have. We’re reviewing the video and sonar data with our law enforcement partners now to determine next steps. Thanks to everyone who helped get us the loaner batteries to maximize our time on location. -Seth