Transport LiLo Akkus by Plane

Hat irgendjemand Erfahrung, wie ich Blue-ROV-Akkus mit dem Flieger mitbekomme?
Ich muss mit dem Gerät in ca. 14 Tagen nach Irland. Eine Spedition ist gebucht worden. Aber ich muss die wahrscheinlich über die Akkus informieren. Die Zeit drängt…

Does anyone has experiences, how to get Blue ROV batteries on the plane?
I have to take the ROV to Ireland in about 14 days. A Cargo-Company has been booked for transport, but I think, I have to inform the company regarding the batteries. The time is running…

Hi @dr_stony,

Batteries below 160 Wh of capacity (like our 148 Wh LiPo batteries) are often permitted to be carried in carry-on baggage with a limit of 1-2 per passenger, but you’ll need to check with your airline to make sure, and there may be particular packing requirements you have to follow.

If you’re wanting to transport our larger Li-ion batteries you will generally need to do so via a hazardous goods shipping service.