How do you ship LI-4S-18AH-R1 Lithium Battery?

How do you ship LI-4S-18AH-R1 Lithium Battery? I have read that the battery provided for the Blue ROV2 is not able to ship on commercial air craft. How can I send one 18AH battery across the US?

Ship it via “Ground” and it is no problem. Only when the thing has to go overnight etc. Specify that you want it to go via ground vehicles only and that it has a Lithium battery. You can check with FedEx / UPS about it.

I have to ship test equipment around that has embedded batteries and that is the only way that I can do it.

Hi Jules,

For ground shipments, you are supposed to use a lithium ion warning label like this one:

Other than that, there are no restrictions on batteries our size that are shipped via ground in the US.


Are you allowed to take on plan in carry on baggage?

No, check with the FAA regulations, but I believe the maximum is 160Wh batteries. Ours are much larger.

Generally the airline rules are that there are no limits on carrying on <100 WH batteries and you can carry 2 that are up to 160 wH. Above that its a no go. I’ve just purchased the 10,000 mAH batteries that BR recommends so I can carry 2 on per person. Since 3 of us are traveling that will give us 6 for the field which should be plenty. The only disadvantage is having to haul the ROV out of the water to change batteries.