Airlines and LIPO Batteries

Has anyone has any experience with checking a Blue ROV as checked luggage on a USA domestic flight?
Reading the rules for LIPO batteries the max rating allowed is 160 watt hrs and limited to two batteries that must be carried on. In addition the airline must approve batteries above 100 watt hrs, has anyone had any problems / experiences with this. The batteries only list Mah and voltage. Not sure if TSA would understand the conversion.

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Hi Kevin,

We’ve checked the BlueROV2 a number of times but we haven’t brought the batteries with us, unfortunately. Most of the time we’re traveling for trade shows, etc. We have flown with the HobbyKing 10Ah batteries and there were no problems with them in carry-on baggage. We haven’t had a need to fly with the larger batteries yet.

Sorry I can’t be of more help!


Fairly certain the hobby long batteries are the largest you can fly with.
The BR battery is over 160 W/hr. Thanks for the information


I can’t guarantee or encourage you to try, but I’d be surprised if tsa took issue with one or even 2 of the larger batteries. The green hobby king packs might be under the lookout individually, but I’ve had 4 in a carry on without issue.