Travel on airplane with BR2 batteries (USA)

Has anyone recently flew on a plane with their BR2? Needing to travel soon with mine and am concerned TSA will not allow the batteries onboard. I know they cannot go in my checked baggage but I’m concerned they will not allow them on my carryon bag either.

Hi @aighost, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not US-based, but the TSA website specifies that

Our (rectangular) Lithium Polymer Battery is within that limit, but our larger (cylindrical) Lithium-ion Battery options are not (in either the white or black variants).

I assume the larger batteries would need to be shipped separately via a hazardous shipping service or something, and same for more than two of our Lithium polymer batteries per passenger, but I’ve asked internally whether we have some more definitive guidance on that.

Following up, as far as we’re aware hazardous shipping is the only legal way we’re aware of for shipping the larger batteries, or large quantities of the smaller ones.