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LiPo Batteries in the UK

(Julian Hancock) #1

Hi I am looking forward to purchasing BR2 but I have one problem.

That is purchasing the required batteries in the UK. Looking at UK websites the Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) is quite a high specced battery. I can get 14.8V but I cannot get anywhere near the 18Ah.

Can any one point me in the right direction where I can buy these batteries in the UK please that also fit in the WTC.



(Espen) #2

Is not an alternative to buy it from Blue Robotics?

(Julian Hancock) #3

They are not shipping to the UK at the moment.

(Rusty) #4

Hi @julesh,

This is the battery that we recommend other than our own 18Ah battery: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/multistar-high-capacity-4s-10000mah-multi-rotor-lipo-pack.html

You may be able to get that shipped to Europe. We are looking to be able to ship to Europe via FedEx and also have stock at some of our European distributors soon.


(Julian Hancock) #5

Hi Rusty

Thanks for the reply. I will look at those. I am in the UK, do I still order my BR2 through this website?



(Rusty) #6

Hi Julian,

Yes, you can order directly from us in the US. If you’d like to work with a local distributor we have one in the UK:

Buccaneer Ltd.
Buccaneer House, 4 Union Road,
Macduff, AB44 1UJ, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
+01261 835199

(Julian Hancock) #7

Thanks. I will order through your web site. Will you be at Ocean Business 17?


(Rusty) #8

Hi Julian,

Yes, I’ll be at Ocean Business! Shoot me and email at rusty@bluerobotics.com if you want to arrange time to meet.


(Buccaneer) #9

Hi Julian
Just to let you know we can source the batteries for you here in the UK, there can be a wee delay in getting them but they are available in a number of capacities up to 22000mAh (though it’s getting a little large at 202 x 97 x 46mm)
See you at Ocean Business

(Julian Hancock) #10

Hi Ian

Good to hear from you. Life treating you well I hope. Thanks for that. I will go for batteries initially, however I quite like the idea of swapping out the umbilical and using topside power.