What should be changed to make Blueos work on another SBC?

Hello everyone
I am trying to install BlueOS on OrangePi3 , which is an another SBC which run Ubuntu on it . And my installation is almost successful , I can conmunicate with it though webpage , but it cannot conmunicate with my pixhawk contoller . It seems like the reason is that the OrangePi organize the device in a differernt way with RassbarryPi ( for example there is no ttyAMAx device ) , so some of the scripts do not work right . What should I do to make it work?

Hi @awerds, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If we knew the exact steps required to support an alternative operating system and/or device type, we would add them to the installer script ourselves and would already support it. As is, there’s been some discussion about Ubuntu support here, but as it’s not something we’ve tried ourselves (and since we also don’t have access to an OrangePi or the time to test with one) we can’t provide installation steps until someone else tries it and determines a set of steps that works.

Note that

We’re very willing to help out if someone wants to try to add support for another board type, but it’s not something we have the bandwidth to actively work on by ourselves at the moment.