RaspiOS or Ubuntu arm64

Has anyone installed BlueOS on RaspiOS or Ubuntu arm64 instead of armhf?

Any of the two distributions should work for me, as soon as they are 64bit.

Is it possible, or I may run into some troubles?


Hi @gecastro,

You should be able to follow the installer script instructions if you’re installing on 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS. Not certain about Ubuntu - that may require some other configuration.

Great, so far working well with RaspiOS arm64

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In case anyone else is attempting to install on Ubuntu 20.04, here are a few solutions to problems you’ll encounter.

  1. rfkill isn’t installed, which is easy to remedy.
    sudo apt-get install rfkill
  2. The default user isn’t named ‘pi’, which causes errors with the install script. Can be fixed by following this guide: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/04/how-to-change-username-on-ubuntu-debian.html
  3. A few file paths are different, which require you to clone the BlueOS repository locally and make necessary changes.
    • The path in line 16 of bcm_27xx.sh should be changed to:
    • And line 67 to:
    • And finally the paths in lines 161 and 163 in the install.sh script should both be changed to:

I ended up opting to use 64-bit RaspiOS for my application, so there may be more issues than are listed here, but this might at least shave an hour or two off of your troubleshooting.


Hi @robins, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

BlueOS is open source, and extendable to other systems - the best approach for this kind of thing is to do the modifications with checks to a variable (presumably $ARCHITECTURE in this case) as relevant, so that it chooses the correct code to execute for the system in use.

I’ve raised an issue for adding Ubuntu support, but we likely won’t get a chance to work on it. If you (or someone else) can pull together the relevant changes into a pull request we would be happy to review it and try to get the changes merged in so everyone can benefit from them :slight_smile: