BlueOS on amd64

Hello, are there any hints how to install BlueOS on amd64 plattform? It is called “Not fully supported” at the Github page from BlueOS.

Hi @mirkix, is there a specific reason you want to do this?

BlueOS is generally expected to be installed in a computer onboard a vehicle, which is generally expected to be a Raspberry Pi or some other arm-based Linux SBC.

We do also make amd64 docker image builds available, which is predominantly for developers who want to test things out on their local machine before trying to run their modified BlueOS version on a vehicle, but there are some limitations to doing so because of the control and access BlueOS expects to have.

Assuming you’re wanting to develop with BlueOS, I’ve internally asked our software team which specific features aren’t supported on amd installs, and whether we can provide some instructions on how to set up appropriate docker binds, but knowing more about your use-case and the setup you’re trying to use may help with providing relevant advice/ideas.

Hello @EliotBR , I will have a amd64 based computer on my vehicle, because I need a bit more processing power for i.e. ROS2. All is based on Ubuntu 22.04 at the moment. It would be nice to get BlueOS running in Docker on the same computer, settings up networks connections and so on are not needed in this case in BlueOS. But all other things would be nice to use. FC will be an external one connected via USB now and Ethernet later.