How to install BlueOS on arm64/v8

I am trying to install BlueOS on Raspbian Bullseye arm64/v8. Looking at other threads it seems that this is possible, but I don’t see install instructions.

Running the installer script results in an error: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries, which makes sense.


I had the same error recently.

You can change the script and add the parameter --platform linux/arm/v8 e.g.

docker pull --platform linux/arm/v8 $IMAGE

Also, you will have to edit the file /home/pi/services/ardupilot_manager/firmware/ in the blue-core image to remove the platform validation for the firmware, since the firmware is 32bit.

Hi @clyde,

I asked about this internally and was told we don’t have a v8 image built, so there’s no manifest for it at the moment. This issue is relevant.

Thanks! I’ll monitor progress on the issue.

I was able to install linux/arm/v8. But arm64 is missing

This PR isn’t finished yet.

It builds both images but we need to tweak it to generate both artifacts independently.

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