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What is the support email and why no reply to my previous post

I have posted a post about a corroded Ping Sonar that has never been opened and haven’t gotten any responses. It has been fifteen days since that post and still no replies. Also, I tried sending an email to the BlueRobotics support email (support@bluerobotics.com) but got a response that it doesn’t exist.

Could someone tell me if there is an email, or do I have to post to the forums. I am not getting a response on the forums but I am seeing the view count go up on my post.

I’m sorry, sometimes we miss some posts. These particular case will be better handled by the folks at support@bluerobotics.com.

It looks like you have and extra “p” in “support” in your failed email…

Yeah, I understand that they get missed sometimes. It’s ok, and I didn’t want to sound rude.

It looks like it worked this time. Thanks for the advice. :grinning:

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