Ping 1D Sonar (Bought in 2020) is NOT functional

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We have procured Ping 1D sonar (Echosounder Altimeter) during 2020. Recently we tested the unit and found it non responsive. We noticed that we have used a USB2TTL converter with a wrong pinout. We find that there is no physical damage (like burning of chip etc) due to wrong pinout connection in the electronics of the Ping 1D sonar. Later, we have also tried testing the Ping 1D Sonar with Blue Robotics BLUART connector.

We shall provide pics of the Ping 1D sonar and the USB2TTL (USART).

We seek your advise as to how to get the unit functional.

Best regards,

Hi @SRK, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You may have resolved this already, but if not,

Was it working previously, or did you only start trying to use it very recently?

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Did you end up taking these? They aren’t in your post.