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Corroded Ping Sonar that has never been opened

In January of last year, our team ordered a Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder and when plugged into a computer, it didn’t work with the Ping Viewer software. I do not know if it was tested before put in water or after, but the members said that they never got it to work. So after many many hours of testing myself, I decided to open it and saw it had corroded. I spoke to the others and they said it was never opened. That can only lead me to believe that it was damaged before it came to us.

Also, I have been able to flash a new firmware using the firmware and the tool found on the Blue Robotics Github. I have been able to do this once but after many tries before and after. It just worked randomly.

Would it be possible to send a replacement?

Hi @DanielT,

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com to talk about a replacement.