Ping1d strange operation

I use Ping1D.
The computer and ROV did not recognize sonar.
So I opened the lid according to Firmware Update - Ping Viewer

When I opened the lid, there was water inside.
Also, the green light did not turn on when the power was approved.

According to the above manual, when I uploaded the hex file, it went up normally. After normal upload, the sonar value is received normally from the ping-viewer.

But it doesn’t work if you turn off the power and plug it back in.

Is there a solution in this situation?

Hi @saris, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with your sonar.

If you’ve had water ingress in one of our devices I recommend you contact and describe how it’s been stored and operated, and provide your order number (or at least a rough order date). If you’ve been using it as expected then it should not have water in it, so it’s possible there’s an issue with one of the watertight seals, in which case part or all of it may need to be replaced.