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Ping1D not working after being powered off

Hi everyone,
I started working on a BlueROV2, which had a Ping1D mounted on. After some bit of success to connect to it, but not at all consistent, I tried to open it up and found that their was quite some humidity in it. There was not a lot of corrosion so I cleaned it and could flash the firmware successfully.
But now, I can see the scanning on ping-viewer, but only if I keep the power on, just after flashing the sensor. If I disconnect it and reconnect the USB cable, impossible to connect again, and I have to re-flash it.
Could the memory be corrupted when powered off ? I really don’t understand what is happening with this sensor…

Hi Adrian, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked much with the Ping1D but I’m aware that the Ping360 tends to play nice much more frequently when it’s turned on at the same time as the companion computer. If you’ve been unplugging and reconnecting the Ping1D while the ROV is powered on, I’d suggest trying to reboot the companion computer (‘Reboot’ button in top right of the ‘System’ page of the companion web interface) and seeing if it detects, or just plugging in the Ping1D while the ROV is off.