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Ping1D disconnect


During the dive, the Ping1D sonar may disconnect.
If I restart the PingViewer application, it does not find the connection to the sounder.
Is there a way to reconnect the sounder during the dive, without relaunching the PingViewer application, and without lifting the rov to the surface to turn it off and on again?

I have an example of a log file of a dive where it happened, if that helps …



Can you please share the log ?
Also, can you check the system page and make sure that there is no under-voltage warning ?
It could be possible to be the usb connection or any wiring that may affect the power for ping1d or disconnection ?


Here are the log files attached.
I don’t understand why there are 3 files when I only did one dive

Nico20200427-174130014.txt (1.4 MB) 20200427-181705778.txt (32.7 KB) 20200427-181745785.txt (2.3 MB)