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Connection problem between Ping1d and Pingviewer

I have a problem with ping 1d. Although all the wiring is done properly and the software is installed availably, the ping viewer image freezes after about 10 seconds.

When I try to reconnect, the connection cannot be established. But the flashing continues on USB to UART+RS485 converter.
When I make a direct serial connection on the PC to upgrade the hardware firmware from 3.24 to 3.27, no communication is possible. I look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions for the immediate solution of the problem.

You can try another cable? Sometimes the cable is faulty and we can’t read the values correctly.

If those things don’t work, please send us the log messages, hopefully it will have information that we can use.


Can you describe what kind of connection do you have ?
Are you running Ping1D though a 485 converter or something ?
Are you running it inside the ROV ?

If you are connecting Ping1D directly with BLUART and Ping-Viewer, please provide the GUI log.
Is there any error when you fail to flash the sensor ?

Because I am a new user, the system does not allow me to upload files. Is there an alternative way to share the log file with you?

I cannot try another cable since im in onboard now.

Because I am a new user, the system does not allow me to upload files. Is there an alternative way to share the log file with you?

I cannot try another cable since im in onboard now.

I am running ping1D via a USB to UART+485 converterand running it inside the ROV in addition that direct PC connection via serial is also tried.

Sensor is flashing properly (it is seem on the converter photo)

Hi just did the update of your account to allow the upload.
If that does not work you can use this website and share the link: https://www.file.io/

The same problem occurs for both directly computer connection and with the sensor connected in companion ?

20191219-152623263.txt (48.8 KB)

The same problem occured for both PC and with the sensor in companion. No connection was even provided with the direct PC.

Thank you very much Patrick.

It appears that you running it in your ROV from the log.

Try to connect it directly in your computer and check if it can detect the USB device in your windows device manager. If you can, try to open ping-viewer and wait for a couple of second to see if the sensor can be detected, if not, please share the log.

If your computer is unable to detect the USB device, please check the USB connector or try with a different USB to serial adapter, you should first get it working in your computer and check if all connections are rock solid before connecting it in your ROV

If you are getting the same problem with the sensor stopping sending profile messages after a couple of seconds, try to click in “EMIT PING” or move the ping/s slider.


If you are able to get profiles with this method, it appears that there is a bad connection and the sensor is losing power and restarting.

20191219-160352869.txt (130.1 KB)

USB device is detected on windows device manager as COM-3 but no device detected in pingviewer software so i sent you a log file.

I changed port settings as bit per seconds 115200 in device manager submenu and pinger worked properly on direct PC connection and uninterrupted as before. When i connected it inside ROV, device is detected but it still freezes on ping viewer screen (flashing continues)


Good that you figure it out, did you manage to update ping to the last version 3.27 ?
Can you share ping-viewer log of the hiccup ?

Also, Can you say which version of windows and how did you change the baud rate of your FTDI via the device manager ? I don’t have such option locally here.

20191219-174801079.txt (48.7 KB)
The problem continues and i cannot manage to update ping on the new version.

I use windows 10 professional go to device manager, find your COM device and right click. select properties and see port settings. You can arrange your new baud rate. I think that you have this option.


After some investigation, it was possible to detect a configuration in the route webpage that was trying to route Ping1D, this results in a conflict between the PingProxy service and the route webpage.
Deleting the connection configuration created on the route webpage fixed the problem.

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