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Pixhawk not communicating when hooked up to Ping 1D


I recently updated the companion firmware and the Pixhawk Firmware. after updating I was having a heartbeat error.

while I was doing a dive kept I kept getting a heartbeat error, then eventually completely stopped communicating, I reinstalled the old version of the firmware on both the pixhawk and the companion computer but still had the same issue,

after playing around with some of the wires I noticed the issue occurred only when the Ping 1D was plugged into the companion USB, I have not opened the ping 1d and it still looks to be in excellent condition, any Ideas on what I should do next?

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So I took apart the Ping 1D following the troubleshooting instructions. When I plugged it into my computer, windows said that the USB port had a power surge. After looking closer, I noticed some condensation inside the sonar. This was only my second dive using this sonar, it must have had a bad seal from the factory.

Is this covered under warranty?

Is this covered under warranty?

now that I found the issue, I think I put this under the wrong category on the forum

So I let the sonar dry out and it started working, I put it back together with lots of silicone Greece I hope it does the trick.


Glad you managed to get this working. If further issues arise with water getting into the sonar I’d suggest you contact support@bluerobotics.com and link them to this thread for a replacement/refund. I’ve let our support team know about this as is since it’s good for us to track any issues that occur in manufacturing/shipping.

If you can it’s likely worth giving the PCB a dab with some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to reduce the likelihood of corrosion of the components down the track.

I’ve moved it for you :slight_smile:

Would you also be able to check for delamination of the epoxy in the penetrator? It’s possible there’s a leak from the epoxy starting to come off the sides of the cable or the penetrator housing, in which case you’ll want to replace that before using it in the water again.