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Reboot raspberry and pixhawk

When we encounter a problem (when the thrusters do not work, we cannot receive data from the sonar, etc.), we have to turn the whole system off and on or we have to reboot Raspberry pi and Pixhawk What could be the reason for this situation?

Hi @ugurdemirezen,

It’s not uncommon that restarting any kind of system helps to fix issues, but there may also be alternative ways of fixing specific issues that you come across with your ROV.

This is not a common issue. If it’s something that’s happening to your ROV I’d suggest you open a topic about it and provide some more information about the system that you’re using, and when and how the issue seems to be occurring.

This is also not a common issue once the connection is established, although I would note that if you’re using our Ping Sonar or Ping360 via the companion computer then you currently need to provide power to the sonar(s) before or at the same time as the companion computer, because companion only tries to detect them when it first turns on. If the sonar has been connected after power is applied for some reason then restarting the companion computer would allow the sonar to be detected, so it can then be communicated to from the topside computer.

Feel free to post about issues you’re having, but note that help is most effective when relevant context of things like the software and vehicle you’re using are provided in the question/post (particularly since I understand from your previous posts that your vehicle is not a standard BlueROV2). It’s difficult to give meaningful and specific answers to general questions :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

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