Ping sonar broken, stuck reading 1 value

I’ve been working with the original version of the ping viewer with an adruino uno for about a year now for a shark detection project, and have recently run into an issue after a preliminary pool run. My 1D ping sonar used to run perfectly fine and responsively, but then in the pool it stopped working. Today, I connected the sonar to the ping viewer, and saw that it was only reading in 1 value (screenshot attached). Then I did a firmware update. I even opened the cap of the sonar to see if the LED was blinking and it was. Then the ping viewer displayed a new value for a while, and then went crazy. I am trying to figure out if my sonar is completely broken, or if it is an issue anybody here has fixed before.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @kaikimsuzuki, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’d recommend double-checking that the wires from the transducer head to the PCB aren’t damaged and are fully seated in the connector, and that the connector is plugged in to the header on the PCB. It looks like your profiles have some very minor changes over time (the colour fluctuates a bit, especially around the 0.6m line in your screenshot), but for them to be so consistent looks like there’s some connectivity issue where the transducer is not actually connected to its control or receiving circuitry.

If it’s sending correctly structured profile data on request then that means the device is powered and thinks it’s running normally, which means it’s most likely to be a hardware issue rather than some kind of problem with the firmware. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to try updating to our recommended software and firmware versions, on the off chance that makes a difference.

If that’s not helpful then I’d recommend contacting our support email ( to explain the situation, in case they have some additional ideas about the underlying issue or solution suggestions :slight_smile: