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Ping Viewer Error Propagation Issue

Hi all,

Has anyone had any issues with the ping sonar propagating error in such a way that the data graph takes on a sawtooth look?

The problem I’m having is that I will get an initially good read, but then the reported value will steadily increase (with a corresponding decrease in confidence) until it peaks and shoots back to the original close to correct value before repeating the cycle. It’s a little difficult to describe, hence the screenshot.

The test setup was a BlueROV2 on a table balanced (on the angles of the frame where the corners would be) looking down towards the floor, with speed of sound corrected to 343 m/s for bench accuracy testing. Actual distance to floor is 1.5~2m. FW is 3.26.

If you have any tips for me or need any info from me, please let me know. I’m new to using the ping sensor, so any help is appreciated.

Edit: I’m using this for obstacle avoidance so it’s forward mounted, not set up as an altimeter.

Try it in water, the sensor is not designed to work in air. What you are seeing is the sensor auto-ranging while it looks for the target, this is normal and expected (in air).


Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate the help.

That’s a good point, I didn’t think the auto-ranging would function like that but it makes sense now. Glad it’s me doing things incorrectly, 'cause that’s easier to fix.

For anyone else with this issue whose UUV isn’t assembled enough for wet tests, I managed to get a 100% conf reading by placing the sensor directly in front of a wall. Any sort of deviation, like an angled floor, will trip up Ping’s auto-ranging and give you incorrect data.