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Using The Ping Sonar with Jetson TX2 Development Board

(Yousef Elmansy) #1

I am trying to connect the Sonar to an Nvidia Jetson TX2 Development Board but I can’t seem to be able to get it working.

I’ve tried connecting the jumpers to serial UART /dev/ttyTHS2 port on the Jetson and running simplePingExample.py from here https://github.com/bluerobotics/ping-python but it just says “Failed to initialize Ping!”

I don’t have access to the BLUART USB to Serial adapter but I have a third-party USB to TTL converter that I tried using and plugging into the USB port of the Jetson but I’m still getting the same message. Any ideas what might be causing the problem? Anyone has experience using this product with the Jetson board?

I don’t have access to an arduino right now but I will try with an arduino as soon as I get my hands on one.


(Yousef Elmansy) #2

Worth noting: I have successfully performed UART communication in the past on the Jetson using the same /dev/ttyhTHS2 port

Also worth noting: I haven’t been able to get the Sonar working on any device since I got it yet since I don’t have the BLUART converter, and using my third-party converter hasn’t worked with my PC either.

Is there a chance my sonar is faulty?


(Andrew) #3

HI Yousef

Just curious…what else have you got integrated with the Nvidia Jetson? Thrusters, Lights, Depth, IMU, GPS, Camera?


(Jacob) #4

@yuzo-san, in order to make sure the sonar and the serial converter works, can you please try to connect to the sonar using our ping-viewer application? Try also another usb cable.


(Yousef Elmansy) #5

Hey! Thanks for the response. Actually I’ve managed to figure out what the problem was and got it working. I tried using a different 5V VCC pin on the Jetson other than the one in the UART port and it worked. Seems like the one in UART was working on 3.3V or something. As for the serial converter, I managed to get that working as well. It was a silly mistake on my side, I was connecting Pinger TX to the converter TX and the Pinger RX to the converter RX instead of the opposite.


(Yousef Elmansy) #6

We’re yet to get to the hardware assembly phase, but yeah the plan is to have all of that minus the GPS. However we’re also using a Pixhawk, so that’s where the Depth Sensor is gonna go, and the Pixhawk will be connected to the board itself. As for the IMU it will likely be connected to an external micro-controller that communicates with the board over UART. The thrusters will also be connected to the Pixhawk, and the cameras connected directly to the Jetson.


(Jacob) #7

There are IMUs inside of the pixhawk.


(Yousef Elmansy) #8

yeah I’m aware. However, we’re hoping to use an external IMU as well and perform sensor fusion between both the internal Pixhawk IMUs and the external one.

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(Andrew) #9

Keen to hear how you get on as I am actively going down the Nvidia Jetson Nano route…