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Connecting Ping Sonar to Jetson Nano via UART

Hi guys,

I have a ping echosounder single sonar that I’d like to interface with a Jetson Nano via uart. I have been using the singlePingExample.py code, where I have altered the sonar init line to read:
myPing = Ping1D("/dev/ttyTHS1", 115200).

ttyTHS1 refers to the UART pins on the Nano GPIO. I have verified that the UART wiring is correct, because I can get the Nano to talk to an Arduino with the same wiring. However, when running the singlePingExample.py code, I get the print out “Failed to initialize Ping!”. The sonar works fine with the UART to USB converter, however I do not have a spare USB port so cannot run the sonar in this way for my project.


+1 Interested in this solution as well.

Hi Alex,

You should test the serial port, to check if it’s working properly.

  • Connect a jumper between TX and RX and open screen with screen /dev/ttyTHS1 115200 and check if what you are typing is also being received.

Make sure that you have also RX and TX connected correctly with the sensor, try to invert TX and RX pins to do a simple test.

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Did you use a level shifter for the arduino 5V signals? You may have broken/compromised the uart hardware on the jetson, the jetson nano is not 5V tolerant.