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Ping1d GPIO connection

Is it possible to connect the ping1d sonar directly to the GPIOs? Is there any API for this, or have anyone tried?

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Hi @eirikaso,

Why do you want to connect it to gpio?

While it is definitely possible, the way things are structured is not going to make it easy.

We’re using a upsquared board as companion computer that has has UART on the GPIO, so the plan was to do it directly and having one less component. We also do not have any available USB ports.

Hi @eirikaso,

Yes it’s totally possible, if you want to use it with ping-viewer, you’ll need to create a bidirectional USB-Serial bridge with your /dev/serial_device to allow remote connection with ping-viewer, this can be accomplished with socat, netcat or bridges.

For API, you can use both our python and c++ library for Ping1D.

OK, thanks. So I will not be able to use the ping proxy on the companion? I will need to make my own version of ping proxy?


Yes that’s also a possibility.

You can install ping-proxy on your upsquared board, you do not need to make your own. Use the install instructions here: https://github.com/bluerobotics/ping-python.

But should the ping proxy work with this setup as it is? I’m getting an error trying to launch it but don’t remember exactly what it was