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Ping Sonar to Raspberry Pi Direct Connection

Can we use Ping Sonar directly connected one of the serial ports available on the Raspberry Pi header through Companion Web Interface, without requiring Serial-to-USB adapter?

This would eliminate the extra room requirement for Serial-to-USB converter and bulky USB cable, when installing in a ROV enclosure, where the space is very limited.

Hi Ferit,

Yes, this is possible, but some changes in companion are necessary to accomplish that. Only usb connection is supported.


Could you please provide the changes in companion that are necessary to connect the Ping directly to the Raspberry Pi without the serial to USB adapter?

Thank you,


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You must:

  • disable the terminal console on the uart by editing /boot/config.txt
  • run pingproxy.py --device=/dev/ttyS0 to select the on-board serial interface

I recommend using a usb-serial adapter, as this is a supported use case and will be plug-and-play.