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No Response From Blue Robotics After Sending Thruster For Repair

(cteckkai) #1

I have previously sent a thruster with blueesc for repair on 27 march. However, I received no reply to any of my emails regarding the status of the thruster.

(Marcus) #2

Sounds like an email delivery issue. I, and many others, have had outstanding after-sales customer service from Blue Robotics. I’m sure they’ll be in touch here.

(Jacob) #3

Hi @cteckkai I’ve sent you a private message.

(cteckkai) #4

Yeap, I don’t deny their after service or technical support is top-notch

(Rusty) #5

@cteckkai - You’re right, looks like these messages got lost and unanswered. I apologize! I’ll sorted this out tomorrow morning back at the office and send you a response. Again, I apologize!

(cteckkai) #6

No worries, thanks for your reply ! hope to hear from you soon