What is the Range of Your Anodized Coating Thickness

Hello, I am manufacturing a new battery housing.

I cannot determine the anodized coating thickness range.

My flange caps are 7075-T6 and have threaded holes on them. I will use my connectors without nuts.

The free diameter of my flanges is 279 and the thickness of the part where the connectors will be fixed is 18,9mm.

My housing is 6061-T6.

the outer diameter is 325 and the wall thickness is 10.1mm and the length is 700mm.

Would a thickness between 6 and 10 microns be sufficient, normally I wanted type 3 between 25 and 50, but they said they could not meet the tolerances I gave with this coating. But they can meet the tolerance with a coating thickness between 6 and 10.