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6" Diameter Enclosure For Deeper Water Application

I am looking for a 6" diameter enclosure 7-8" in length that can withstand the pressures of being submerged to a depth of 250m. Does any one know if this exists on the shelf somewhere? I was not able to find anything in my searching.

I would be willing to get something machined up if I had too. Ideally, if I had to go this route, I would prefer to buy the off the shelf o-ring flanges sold by BR for the enclosure and just get the tube and maybe end caps machined.

Any help is appreciated…Thanks

Hey Wayne,

I don’t have an answer for you but if you choose to go the custom machining route let me know as I’m also considering doing this exact same project. Thanks!

Have you contacted Prevco?

Hi wayne

I sell a 6" (150mm internal diameter) housing rated to 2000m off the shelf. Has internal length of 385mm. Comes standard with a 6 port end cap on one end and a blank cap on the other.

If that is something that could suit you let me know via PM and I can arrange a quote.