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Acrylic vs. Aluminum?

If cost was of no concern, which would you prefer? (endcaps, main tube, accessory tube, etc).

If money were no object, custom Titanium (6AL4V alloy, 120ksi yield) housings/plates or maybe 17-4 PH 900 stainless (passivated in nitric acid), and Sapphire domes. But, hard anodized Aluminum tubes, end plates, and acrylic dome from the Blue Robotics store will be more than enough for 300m and will last a long time. I do recommend the Aluminum housings over the Acrylic, and certainly aluminum for the end plates.

I realize we could go for some very exotic alloys. That wasnt really where I was inquiring. I have to imagine acrylic comes with the BR2 because its the more affordable option, and more affordable is better for the consumer. But if aluminum were just as affordable, how many would switch? Or is acrylic “good enough” for most?