Water tight enclosures

Can I swap out directly my acrylic WT enclosures for the aluminium enclosures and will it all fit?

Hi Julian,

The enclosures are matching lengths for those on the BlueROV2, so yes, you can swap them out and it will all fit. Please note the following though:

  1. The aluminum enclosure have tighter tolerances to handle higher pressures, which also makes them somewhat harder to close.

  2. The aluminum enclosures are heavier. We use just two ballast weights when using the aluminum enclosures but some users have added more foam for additional buoyancy as well.


Hi Rusty. Is depth rating only limited by the enclosure at the moment? In other words, if someone swapped acrylic for aluminum tubes, would their BlueROV2 then be rated >300m or would the acrylic dome be the next depth-limiting component?

Hi Ian,

Yes, the acrylic enclosures are the main limited factor on depth. When we’ve gone deeper (to 340m max so far), we’ve only changed the two enclosures to aluminum. Everything else should be able to handle that. However, we haven’t done a whole lot of testing there yet so we don’t know where there may be problems. If you plan to go that deep, I would do so with caution and a clear knowledge of the risk!

With the Crushinator, we’ll work to make the vehicle reliable at that depth so that we can eventually rate it to a much greater depth.


Thank you Rusty.