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Clear watertight enclosures with depth rating upto 300m

Hello all,

I see that all cast acrylic enclosures in the BR shop are rated at max 100m depth. Although Aluminium are rated to 300m and above, I wanted a cast acrylic so that i could mount cameras inside(periphery). Can anybody suggest how can one get a clear enclosure for depths of atleast 300m?.I believe the depth rating has to do with the thickness of the acrylic. does BR supply custom acrylic enclosures rated to 300m or more depth?

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Hi @milindfernandes Unfortunately, Blue Robotics can’t manufacture custom designs.

If you would like to see how thick a 300m acylic enclosure would need to be, you can use the Under Pressure – Pressure Vessel Calculator

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@kklemens Thank you for the reply. I was aware of under Pressure but thanks again for pointing it out.