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Max depth rating of 140mm of 4 inch acrylic tube

(Michael Woodman) #1

Hi team,

I’m building a housing for my 360 4K Orah camera with the 4 inch Cast Acrylic Tube. The tube length will be 140mm long, which includes room for the flanges with the metal end plates. What would be the max depth (crush) rating the housing could withstand?

Thanks for your help!
Mick Woodman

(Rusty) #2

Hi Michael,

We use Under Pressure to calculate the theoretical depth ratings for our enclosures. For this one, the unsupported length is about 100mm, which is the length between where the flange supports the tube.

According to Under Pressure, the tube will have a crush depth of 518 meters.

However, the flat end caps will have trouble at that depth. Those are rated to 400m and can start to bend a little after that.

I hope that helps!

Best regards,

(Michael Woodman) #3

Sure does! Thanks for the information on the end caps. The max depth I plan to operate to is 300 metres. That will give me a sizable safety margin. I will post some more photos as the build progresses.

(Michael) #4

Knowing that, maybe you can use a thinner section pipe now? Save you some cash, thats for sure! And improve your optics a little i would think.