Waypoint sending error - vehicle did not request all items from ground station

Dear all,

While trying to send waypoints to the BlueROV2 from QGC, I received an error:
“Vehicle did not request all items from ground station” In addition, when trying to load waypoints from a file in MAVProxy, I receive: “unable to load waypoints, init() takes exactly 16 arguments, 15 given.”
I have verified that my mavpoxy_wp.py file has all it’s init()'s arguments filled.

May I request assistance with this issue? Thank you.

Waypoint navigation using ArduSub/QGC is still in development. You should include the code and file contents that you are using to get help in this area. Resolving this and achieving your desired functionality will require inspecting/modifying mavproxy/qgc/ardusub source code.