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The robot does not reach the waypoint on QGC monitor

Hello, everyone.
I try to develop an original automatically move surface vehicle using T100 thrusters.
Now, I’m checking the auto control system in QGC.
I tried to reach the way point defined in QGC on land (I walk while following a waypoint while holding a Raspberry Pi + Navio2 in my hand).
But, the way point does not change to the next point even though the robot has reched the first waypoint in QGC and real world.

Additionally, MAVLink Inspector also shows the distance between the current position and the the first way point is 0 (wp_dist = 0).

Do you know why the way point doesn’t change to the next point in QGC ?
If you have any idea, please let me know (m_m).

(The red line is the trajectory of me. I walked through the first way point again and again but the way point didn’t change to the second point.)

Hi @ishi_g,

Are you using ArduSub? We don’t consider the Auto mode stable and don’t support it (it is close on our list, though).
If you are working on a surface vehicle, you should consider using ArduRover, which supports boats properly.

I am using ArduSub.
OK. I’ll try ArduRover.
Thank you so much :grinning:

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