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Waypoint navigation

Hello i have built a custom frame uuv, untethered that communicates via wifi (when surfaced).I was wondering if anyone has achieved simple waypoint navigation (no gps). I read many posts but seems that none has achieved that. I am planing to start with a simple python script, posting velocity commands on a time based schedule (i know its not waypoint navigation, but its a start). So far when i powered up the vehicle i could not set it into guided mode since i had no gps feedback. I moved outside, got the gps information, set it to guided mode and then moved back inside. If i arm the vehicle the motors start spinning, even though i have not sent any velocity commands. What i am trying to do is to set it in guided mode, start a dummy python script and make it move alone without having gps wifi or tether( rc override for example). As you understand it won t have a waypoint to try to reach but it will follow blindly the orders from the script that i will write. Any sugestions? Anyone willing to work as a team and try to achieve dead reconing?

Im trying to figure out how to do dead reckoning using a rotary encoder on the main thruster motor to track speed through water. Let me know if you have any updates.