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Waterlinked GPS G2 - waterpool set-up

Hey! We want to set-up the waterlinked GPS G2 in an waterpool with dimensions of 2x3x0.7m (LxWxH). The receiver is the antenna and the transmitter-locator is locator-A1. The locator is placed in BlueROV2 and the antenna is placed near the surface (10cm from the surface) in one side of waterpool.
In the web interface of GPS at diagnostics tab for 2 different frequencies the results are:

The warning that is appeared in web interface is:

Acoustic signal from Locator not detectedWarning with code acoustic:nsd_high occured, but description is missing

and the acoustic position is 0,0,0 .

According to this, we believe that echosounder interference cause this behavior.
Here it seems that the GPS is working in a waterpool, does the waterpool material is absorbing the acoustics signal and doesn’t permit the reflections? Maybe we do something wrong in configuration.
Does anyone has an idea?


If you are at a pool, can you turn off any echo sounders to eliminate problem?
“The locator is placed in BlueROV2” I hope you mean outside the ROV tube with water contact?
From channel 3 i would say the signals might be right.
In settings/baseline, set down the range of x y and z to little over the pool size.
If you have absorbing material in the pool, that is only good since you want as little reflections as possible.

Hey! Thank you! I will try soon to reduce the range of XY. Also i found some related threads: