Water inside the pressure hull

Dear BR team,
I recently dive my vehicle to 100 depth and check and verify all the SOP’s before diving like vacuum test, leak sensor test, etc. but when I recovered my vehicle, found water drops inside the hull, due to which my camera lost its vision and have multi-color lines on the camera screen. I found that maybe it is because of the condensation process. Kindly help me in this regard.

Hi @Muhammad,

A silica gel desiccant bag in the electronics enclosure should absorb any evaporated moisture inside, which prevents condensation. They get saturated over time (particularly if left out in the open for extended periods), after which they need to be refreshed or replaced :slight_smile:

That said, I’d recommend also making certain that the sponge probe tips of the leak sensor aren’t wet/expanded. If they are you could have had a small leak that mostly evaporated from the heat of the electronics, in which case you’ll want to find how that water got in to prevent it happening again.

Thank you, Eliot, for your quick response. I already placed desiccant bags inside the hull after the incident. Maybe this time I’ll be able to save the electronics.

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