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Water inside main enclosure

Hi everybody and I wish a happy new year,

unfortunately, last month we had a very bad dive! At 37m depth we have water inside the main enclosure and eventually we recovered a dead BR2. On the surface we opened the main enclosure we found a lot water inside.

When we were back at office we started debugging so as to understand what the source of failure was. After a lot of hours of searching and testing we found the path of the water was through the gripper. We found the gripper full destroyed and the cable of gripper is not waterblock and we found the gripper’s penetrator was not sealed inside with marine epoxy…

The final results were: a) a destroyed Pixhawx, b) a destroyed gripper and c) a destroyed ESC as you can see in the photos. We are re-assembling the system and we will test it next week (I hope everything else is ok and full functional).

But the most important effect is that we had to drop out BR2 in a very interested project and we have to use a back system.

Had anybody else such a failure in gripper subsystem?

Best Regards,



Hi @nmau Thank you for your forum post and subsequent e-mail. We will continue assisting you through e-mail, so I will be closing this thread.