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Video Streaming

Hello there,
I’m using QGC. I didn’t have a modem, so I bridgeed my computer network with the autopilot card. So I connect the autopilot to my computer via Ethernet and so I can see the menus in the program. Everything is nice, but the video stream does not come. (Also I use USB cam logtitech c920 but also I tried it raspberry pi camera)
Thank you.


This camera should work. Please follow the troubleshooting instructions for no video here and report back with what you find.

My real problem is this:
I’ve bridged the network of my computer with the autopilot. Because I don’t use a modem for the autopilot. That way I can access the Ardusub menus. But I can get the video stream from another computer. But such a video stream is weak.
But when I connect the autopilot to the modem and communicate, the image transmission is quality.
I don’t need a modem. The image does not appear when I bridge networks.

gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device = / dev / video0! video / x-h264, width = 1920, height = 1080, framerate = 24/1! h264parse! rtph264pay! udpsink host = port = 5600

Is there a solution to this problem? Can I use OPENCV at the same time with Ardusub if I cannot stream video when bridging networks?


I’m having a hard time understanding your current setup, can you draw a diagram of your network and physical connections?

@Sena It is very unclear what hardware you have, how it is connected, and what software you are using. Please read the information on ardusub.com for instructions on using our software.