Using Pixhawk AUX port as shutter trigger for android camera

Good evening,

Sorry about this, I’m kind new to the forum and I couldn’t find anything similar to what I’m looking for. I’m trying to use the pixhawk controller version 1 with an android phone, so in my research, I discovered that the selfie stick with a button need to go into the headphone jack plug and the way its works are just a shortcut in positive and negative using a 2k resistor between them and the button to take the picture when camera app are open.

There’s possible to someone give me a suggestion or info if the auxiliary port of the pixhawk when configured for shutter trigger, would it pass some voltage, and if so, could it burn the port or controller unit if I do a cable connecting rc cable, a 2k ohm resistor to a jack plug output connected to smartphone, functioning as a shutter trigger in a common flight plan? The purpose would be, instead using a digital camera, to use an android smartphone.


Would be something like that at end without the shutter button, since pixhawk would manage this.