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Adding ESC as an Auxilary Function?

Hey there, our robotics team needs to have a M100 motor activated via the joystick button function. Is this possible? The best case scenario is push down the joystick it starts and stays a constant speed until released and the other does the same, but in reverse. We really need some help any ideas would be awesome. Thanks.

There are many ways to do this.

Can you share your setup so we know whats best for you?

If the pixhawk is full, you can use an arduino but you’ll need a topside software to control the motor.

This is something I am already doing and its quite straight forward.

This is the small interface I made for my OrangeROV:

Each button is programmable for joystick and keyboard key.

This basically allows me to add whatever I want.


We are using a Rasp Pi companion computer with the pixhawk and Q Ground Control on the topside. The Pixhawk is not full we have Auxiliary 4, 5, and 6 open. I also should actually be more specific, we would like to use the Auxiliary Outs on the Pixhawk to control an ESC. Any help configuring such an ordeal would be greatly appreciated cause we are fairly new in the QGC stuff. Thanks.

If I remember correctly from a previous conversation with BR folks, aux 4,5,6 can’t be used.

you will have to go down the arduino way I think.

I did some shuffling around and left Aux 1 open. I played with it a little bit, but cannot seem to get the PWM right. I do not really know what the max and min do especially in respect to their momentary and toggle functions. Any advice you may share with me is greatly appreciated as always. Thank you, Matt