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Using Ping Viewer and QGC on different PC's

If I’m using the USB to Serial UART converter connected to the Raspberry Pi for the Ping-360’s telemetry, is it possible to connect with Ping Viewer on a different PC than the one I’m using for QGC?

Yes. Put a LAN switch on the output of the topside fathom-x. I run mine this way, and use a seperate laptop dedicated to Ping Viewer. Works great!

What IP address do you use for the 2nd computer? 192.168.2.xxx?
Also, I’m using a Fathom topside interface that has the internal ethernet to USB converter, so I’ll have to come up with an alternative.

Take a look inside. You may have room for a small 4-port 5vdc powered LAN switch. You may have to take it out of it’s case and get a bit creative. It can ve powered from the USB.

I use for the Ping Viewer PC.

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You should also be fine if in your first laptop, the one connected with the ROV directly, create a wifi hotspot to share the network with the second laptop.

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